stpauldanceThe ward feast was held on the 25th of June, 2006 by the co-operation of all the people of St. Paul Ward. It’s a wonderful event which presided by our loving Parish Priest Fr. Norbert Lobo and all the ward Gurkars and head of the unions were the guests of this special vocation.

Prayer was conducted by Mrs. Benedicta Danthis and companions. Welcome dance was done by the kids of the ward in folk style. Vivid Lucky games were conducted to the Juniors and Seniors by Mrs. Agnes D’Souza. At the same time, “Our Ward” speech competition was held and the same was competed by maximum number of kids & won the prizes by flying colours. Website of “St. Ignatius Loyola Church” was inaugurated and prize distributed by our Vicar the honorable President of the function and chief guests. “Co-operation” titled dance was danced by the High School kids. The essentiality honored to the important and well serviced people of the ward.

Thoughtful well wishes and greetings oozed out from the stage honored persons. Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Lydia and thus the feast was concluded with a tiny tea-party at 5pm sharply.

The whole ceremony of the function was mastered by Mr. Vincent Pinto.

Report by : Agnes D’Souza, St. Paul Ward