42 Kilometers north-east of Mangalore is the Paladka Church. Distant villages were detached from Kirem, Kinnigoly, Hospet, Karkala and Taccode Parishes and were formed into the Paladka Parish on November 17th, 1913 and Fr. Salvadore D’Souza was appointed as its first Parish Priest.

Fr. Salvadore D’Souza (17-11-1913 to 26-4-1922) built a higher elementary school and Presbytery. His successor Fr. John B. D’Sa (26-4-1922 to 24-1-1937) laid the foundation for a new church. During his time, the higher elementary school was reduced to the lower elementary school. Fr. Andrew J. Pinto (24-1-1934 to 24-5-1942) who succeeded Fr. D’sa continued the building of the church as far as the arches. Fr. Antony Noronha (24-5-1942 to 20-5-1954) who became next Parish Priest completed the church in 1949. It was blessed in May 1950 by Bishop Victor Fernandes. During his time, permission was obtained to start a higher Elementary School.

Fr. Gualbert Noronha (20-5-1954 to 13-4-1955) laid the foundation for a higher Elementary School building. Fr. Paul D.G. Rego (13-4-1955 to 15-4-1967) completed the school building, plastered the Church, did its flooring and created two side altars and grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. He has done other improvements in the Church and Presbytery.

During the course of past 50 years, the Parish gave Puttige ward to Moodbidri and Bola to Kelmbet. Rev. Fr. Peter Lobo (15-4-1967 to 30-3-1978), the successor of Rev. Fr. P.D.G Rego, first turned his attention to the school. The building was repaired from top to bottom. A new stage for entertainment programs got done. Youth Movement was started under the C.Y.M. Parish Day was celebrated along with community dinner. Electrification was made, seating arrangements inside the church hall were carried out. Thus after working for 11 years, he was transferred to Thrasi Church.

Rev. Fr. Oswald Lasrado (30-3-1978 to 14-5-1985), the youthful priest started to erect a small chapel at Sampige for the facility of the Catholics of Kallamundkur, Sampige and Ashwathpura localities. The site for the chapel was already secured by a donation from one aged lady Mrs. Florine D’Silva during the regime of Fr. Peter Lobo. Sunday mass was regularly offered in addition to the usual mass at the home church. For administrative convenience, this Sampige mission was handled over to the Parish Priest of Niddodi Church. Since the Parochial house was in a dilapidated state, a new residence for the Priest was a must. So with utmost prudence Fr. O. Lasrado got constructed a concrete building as the new abode for the Priest. Almost all the parishioners and youth working abroad lent a helping hand towards this building. Ursulines of Mary Immaculate convent was started and C.Y.M was converted into “Loyola Youth Club” during his regime. In 1985, he was transferred to Bellore.

Rev. Fr. Lawrence S. Pais who succeeded Fr. O. Lasrado was Parish Priest from (14-5-1985 to 24-6-1985) just for a month or so. He was a holy man and helpful to the poor and needy ones.

Rev. Fr. Mathias Pereira, succeeded Fr. Lawrence S. Pais. He was Parish Priest from 24-6-1985 to 31-5-1994. His first sight fell on the bad state of church garden and its compound. Immediately, the erection of compound wall was effected with the co-operation of the parishioners. Some more coconut seedlings were intercultivated. Time for celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of the parish brew near and it was decided in the parish assembly to celebrate it in a fitting manner. It was decided to put up a new school building and a chapel at Murkothpalke(the present Saverapura) in the memory of celebration. As planned in the Parish Council, on 2nd January 1989 children’s day, 3rd January Youth’s Day were celebrated with Holy Mass and cultural programs. The grand finale of Jubilee was celebrated on 5th January 1989. The Bishop, many priests, nuns and laity joined in Thanks Giving Mass in the morning and thereafter a Jubilee Dinner, which, cooked by the parishioners was served to one and all. There was a closing function in the evening.

The chapel dedicated to St. Francis Xavier was inaugurated and blessed by the Bishop of Mangalore, Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil S. D’Souza on 3-12-1991 with Eucharistic Sacrifice at 10:30am. Fr. Mathias Pereira is the architect and builder of the chapel. Congratulations to him and the parishioners!

Paladka Unit of Catholic Sabha was started on May 1993.

Rev. Fr. Benjamin Pinto succeeded Fr. Mathias Pereira and took charge of the Parish on 31-5-1994. He was the Parish Priest from 31-5-1994 to 17-5-2001. He was young, energetic, enthusiastic priest.

Small Christian Community training was conducted on 4-12-1994 by the Director of Pastoral Institute, Fr. Arthur Pereira. Small Christian community meetings started in the same month in all wards of the parish.

On 3rd April, 1995, after 32 years, church roof was repaired. New reepers were put. In the month of September, remaining school building was started. December 1995, Church upper roof work and new portico were completed. A new look to the Church was given. On May 30, 1996 long awaited dream was fulfilled. New Anganavadi building was inaugurated by Sri. Joseph D’Souza, our parishioner and Jilla Parishat member. On October 30, 1996 new extended school building was inaugurated and blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore.

St. Vincent De Paul Society Paladka Unit was started on 2-11-1996.

On 14th September 1997, YCS was started for the PUC students.

On 31 July 1998, being the Patron St. Ignatius Loyola Feast day, Parish news bulletin was inaugurated by Msgr. Edwin Pinto, Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese. Later it was named as “Paladkachi Zhar”.

On 22nd August 1998, church ground level work was done by bulldozer. Two grounds were made into one big ground.

On December 6,1998, it was a day of joy for our little Angles. Marian Sodality was inaugurated for girls. On 30th March 1999, Fourteen new cement Crosses were created. New road was prepared leading to church Hill. Way of the Cross was conducted during Holy Week.

On April 22, 2000, Rupees one Lakh worth Generator was donated by Mrs. Anitha D’Silva and Mr. Richard D’Silva of Fatima ward, Gundyadka.

Fr. Benjamin Pinto after serving 7 years as Parish Priest in Paladka moved to Arva Parish with gratitude and love.

Rev. Fr. Norbert Lobo took charge of the Parish from the outgoing Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Benjamin Pinto on 17-5-2001.

100 Nilkamal plastic chairs were bought for the parish hall and 100 plastic chairs from Church were shifted to the hall. So total 200 chairs were kept in the hall.

S.C.C. Ward meetings are going on smoothly and with full swing. Just to give still more boost and to give correct guidelines, a seminar was organized on 21-10-2001. Fr. Arthur Pereira and his team(Diocesan Director) came to this S.C.C. training Programme. Second seminar was held on 5-10-2003. Fr. Gilbert D’Souza, Diocesan Director was present.

On 11-11-2001, an announcement was made during the Mass to the faithful with respect to the painting of the main Altar of the Church, painting of doors and windows and white-washing the walls of the whole church. Very good co-operation was given by the Parishioners. The total amount, Rs.1,30,455/- was collected for this project. New lights were installed in the Church. New sound system was installed. The work got completed for Christmas 2001 and for the Parish Feast on Wed. 9th January 2002. Thanks for the donors and Paladka Parishioners.

Pastoral Visit was held on Saturday 29 March, 2003 to Sun. 30 March, 2003. Bishop visited Saverapura Chapel also on 30-3-2003. 53 children received Confirmation by the Bishop on 29-3-2003 at 4:30pm Mass.

A little improvement in the Presbytery was done. Rooms were well furnished with false-ceiling to the rooms and the hall. Additional room for the guests was made. Kitchen work was done.

The foundation stone for the new stage- St. Ignatius Loyola Kalamantapa-Paladka, in memory of Late Francis and Salvadore D’Souza Gundyadka, was laid on Assumption Day, 15th August, 2003 and inaugurated and blessed on 23-11-2003, Christ the King feast day. The stage was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Felix Juliana D’Souza-Mithabail. The donation was Rs. 1,60,000/-. Nearly Rs.40,000/- spent from the Church fund for the completion of work. Thanks for the donor and Parishioners. The Parish Day was celebrated on 23-11-2003.

The deepening work of the church open well was done at a cost of Rs.50,450/-. Thanks for the donors and the Parishioners.

Total 88 new wooden benches were made and the kneelers. The total cost of the benches is Rs.3,53,400/-. The kneelers cost is Rs.75,000/-. Thanks for the donors and also to our Parishioners. The list of the donors is inscribed on a granite stone and placed in the church portico wall. The main donors are:

  1. Mr. Alfred Sequeira & fly- Holy Rosary Ward. Rs.1,15,700/-
  2. Mr. Anthony Serrao-Mumbai- Rs.1,00,000/-
  3. Mr. Urban Pinto & fly-St. Peter Ward- New York Rs.75,000/-

The main entrance (Dwara) to the church, put up near the main road was inaugurated and blessed by Rev. Fr. Denis Moras Prabhu, the Chancellor of Mangalore Diocese on 8-9-2005. The total cost of it is Rs.1,51,000/-. Rs.1,00,000/- was donated by Mrs. Christine Lobo & fly in memory of Late. Egidius Lobo, St. Ignatius Ward, Mooduhithlu.

The website of our Parish was inaugurated on our Titular Feast Day, 31 July 2006. Special thanks to Mr. Alan D’Souza, our Parishioner, who developed this website. May God bless him.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza gave pastoral visit to the church on 21October 2006. During the evening mass, he offered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 92 youth. After the mass, he met Catechism teachers and parents of priests, brothers & sisters. At 7:00 PM he presided over the Parish Patoral Council meeting and examined the report and activities of the Council. He also gave important suggestions to the welfare of the church and community. On Oct 22nd, Bishop celebrated the morning 8:00 AM mass along with the parishioners. After the mass, the Presidents of various organizations of the parish met the Bishop and submitted their report and explained about their activities. Later, Bishop went to Saverapura and celebrated the morning 11.15am mass at St. Francis Xavier Chapel and delivered the Good News to the people. After the lunch he departed back to Mangalore at 1:00PM.

The new Parish pastoral council took oath .on 17-06-2007. The oath-taking ceremony was arranged during the morning 8.00 AM mass soon after the “Prayers of the Faithful”.. First, the President, Mr. Vincent Sequeira took oath in the name of God that he would abide by the rules and regulations of the Church and work for the welfare of the church. This was followed by the Secreatry, Mr. Denis D’Mello. Then all the members of the Parish Pastoral Council took oath. The newly built Fathima Prathana Mandir in Fathima ward, Gundyadka was inaugurated on13 May 2010. The inauguration ceremony of the newly built prayer hall started at 3:00PM on with the Holy Eucharistic Mass. Rev. Fr. John Alfred Barboza, Professor-St. Mary’s College, Shirva; Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza, Vicar Var, Moodbidri; the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Norbert Lobo and many guest priests were present during the mass. There was a stage function soon after the mass presided over by Rev. Fr. John Alfred Barboza. The Chief guests included Mr. Amaranath Shetty-Former Minister, Moodbidri; Mr. K. Abhaychandra Jain-MLA, Mulky -Moodbidri constituency; Mr. Sucharita Shetty-Zilla Panchayat Puthige and Mr. Shashidhar Nayak-Panchayat President-Puthige. Founder and contractors of the building were honoured during the occasion. The unique mission of the Fathima ward members under the able guidance of Fathima Prayer Hall committee secretary, Mr. Peter Cardoza and treasurer, Mr. Bonaventure Menezes was praised by all.

June 1, 2008 was a day marked with send-off function in the morning and welcome function in the evening. The send-off function for the outgoing Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Norbert Lobo was arranged soon after the morning 8.00AM mass. Rev. Fr. Norbert lobo was transferred to Mariashram Parish after rendering seven years of fruitful service in the Parish.

At 4.00PM all the Parisiohers gathered at the Church gate to welcome the new Priest Rev. Fr. Stany Rodrigues who has been transferred here from Naravi Parish.

Paladka Church was facing severe scarcity of water for long time. Therfore the drilling of the borewell was done on 19th April 2009. The yield was very good and can satisfy the needs of the Church.

Rev. Fr. Rohit D’Costa celebrated his First Holy Mass at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola Paladka on April 25, 2009. The mass started at 10.00am and was witnessed by nearly 18 priests, nuns and a large number of relatives and well-wishers of Fr. Rohit. Rev. Fr. Franklin D’Souza delivered homily on the occasion.

A newly constructed “Loyola Children Play Park” in front of the St. Ignarius Loyola Aided Hr. Pry. School, Paladka-574278 at an aproximate cost of Rs.4.00 lakhs by Catholic Sabha Mangalore Pradesh ®, Paladka Unit, St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Paladka-574278 in association with Joy Paladka was declared open at the hands of Spiritual Director and Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Stany Rodrigues and blessed by Rev. Fr. Ln. Vincent D’Souza, Parish Priest of Holy Rosary Church, Alangar-Moodbidri on the morning of Sunday the 14th Feb. 2010 and was dedicated for the use of the children of the said school and also to the parishioners.

The send-off function for the outgoing Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Stany Rodrigues was arranged on 30th May 2010 soon after the morning 8.00AM mass. Fr. Stany Rodrigues was transferred to Bettadamane estate, Mudigere.

On 30th of May 2010 at 4.00PM the present Priest Rev. Fr.Dolphy Monteiro took charge of Paladka Parish.

The Almighty God has blessed us and given us his bountiful graces through the intercession of St. Ignatius Loyola all through these years. May God bless us in the years to come. May St. Ignatius Loyola protect us and guide us in every way. May God and Blessed Virgin Mary and our Patron bless us all.