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Messeges for the website

Parish Priest speaks…….

by Allan D'Souza

Hello, Greetings to you all. I’m happy to reach out to you through this website. St. Ignatius Loyola Church has completed 100 years of its establishment and the centenary jubilee celebrations are in full swing. Rev. Fr. Salvadore D’Souza was the founder Parish Priest. Thereafter 15 priests have served this Parish. I’m privileged to be […]

Rev. Fr. Norbert Lobo

by Allan D'Souza

Warm greetings of love, peace and joy to you all from Paladka Parish (Moodbidri-Mangalore Diocese). It is indeed a matter of great pride to speak to you through this website. Our church is dedicated to St. Ignatius Loyola, a great Jesuit Saint. Ignatius was a true mystic. He centered his spiritual life on the essential […]

Mr. Vincent Sequeira

by Allan D'Souza

I am proud that our Parish has its own website. I thank Mr. Allan D’Souza for taking the initiative to start the website. He has taken the trouble to collect the required material from different sources. The website is very well designed and informative. I hope Parishioners from all over the World will often visit […]

Rev. Fr. Franklin D’Souza

by Allan D'Souza

“No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house.” (Matthew 5 : 15) I congratulate Alan for being light to the community. May his unique effort unite the Paladka Parishioners spread worldwide. I also congratulate Mr. Sunil […]

Rev. Fr. Vincent D’Souza

by Allan D'Souza

Dear Alan, Warm greetings of love, peace and joy to you. First of all, I must thank you for informing about the launch of WebSite Congratulations to you for your wonderful work.I went through it and as a Web Master you have done a excellent job.I came to know a lot of new information about the […]

Mr. Vincent Pinto

by Allan D'Souza

A website has been launched for the first time in the history of Paladka Church. Now anybody can know about Paladka Church just sitting at his home from any part of the world. This will really help to improve relation and communication among Paladka Parishoners. I would like to congratulate Alan and his family for […]

Mr. Salvadore Rodrigues

by Allan D'Souza

It was very heartening to learn of the efforts of some of our parish members in opening the gates of Paladka Church to people online irrespective of time and distance. Once again a demonstration of the active involvement and the attachment of the Paladka Parish to our beloved patron Saint Ignatius Loyola. I therefore like […]