Sept 08, 2007 : Day’s celebrations began with the morning 8.00 AM mass by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Norbert Lobo.


The parish wore a festive look with bright and vibrant coloured flowers b
rought by children, taking a prominent place in the celebrations. All the parishioners gathered at the idol of Mother Mary singing “Sakkad Sangatha Melyam”.

The children showered flowers and petals at the idol of Mother Mary to the melodious tune of “Moriyek Hogolsiyam”. Father blessed the new corn and vegetables brought by the parishioners from their fileds. Then followed the holy mass. The choir sang melodious hymns under the guidance of Sr. Monthy Sequeira of Mount Rosary Convent-Alangar. Father thanked the donors of sugarcanes and honoured them with blessed corn.


The vegetables were auctioned after the mass and the parishioners very enthusiastically participated in the auction. Rice was distributed to the poor by St. Vincent Paul Society members. The scene of devotees returning home with blessed corn and sugarcane was quite spectacular.


The day was also observed with devotion at Saverapura with Fr. Henry Fernandes and Fr. Jude Menezes – CSSR, Redemptorist Priests of Nithyadar Nivas, Alangar celebrating the mass. Girls of Marian Sodality very meanigfully conducted the liturgy of the mass. Melodious hymns by choir, flowers by children, corn, vegetables, sugarcanes, auction at the end by parishioners were the highlights of the day.

Report by :  Wilson, Saverapura, Pictures by Alan, Paladka