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On the joyful eve of 18th May, at 4pm children of Paladka Parish gathered together to receive the confirmative Sacrament by the holy hands of Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza (Mangalore).

Catichism was conducted to the 60 candidates at the church by the Bishop a half an hour before the Holy Eucharistic Mass.

Each and every among the 60 offered the flower as a sign of promise that they’ll become soldier to the Lord today onwards. Holy Mass Hymns were conducted and sung by the choir group, keyboard played by Mr. Joswin and a copy of new testament was distributed to each of candidate by the correspondent of Lively Faith Committee. Bishop was the main celebrant and the other three Priests were co-celebrants.

The whole ceremony was brought up by the efforts of Vicar Rev. Fr. Gilbert D’Souza and Catichism was taught and kept the children prepared by Mrs. Jacintha Sequiera.

Report by: Agnes D’Souza | Photos By : Ashwan Loy