Catholics and non Catholics offered vivid raw materials showing their unity and brotherhood towards the Paladka Church.

The Holy procession was held on 14th December noon at 2pm with the vehicles carrying raw food materials ward wise traditionally. And the streets were decorated by the faithfuls of Paladka.

2000 people got together at Mavinakatta junction and proceeded with the three troops of brass band, a pair of he buffaloes, magical dolls (giant shaped). The enthusiasm and joy of the people towards Centenary jubilee Could have seen by people dancing.

Hore Kaanike leaders were appreciated and honoured by the Church Paladka. The school bus donated by Mr. Dolphy D’Souza, Kuwait was blessed by the Vicar Rev. Ivan Rodrigues.

Report by : Agnes D’Souza | Photos by: Felix D’Souza & Ashwan Loy D’Souza