On the happy occasion of March 9th Sunday 86 women celebrated their day with the parishioners starting with the Holy Eucharistic Mass. They conducted the liturgy of their term on this day in a devotional manner.

Vicar Rev. Fr. Ivan Rodrigues presided over the function. Sr. Prefilda inaugurated the same and spoke about the importance of the day and the role of a woman in the society. Vice President of PPP Mr. Denis D’Mello, Secretary Mr. Vincent Pinto, Women varado president Mrs. Dorin Sequiera, former president of the Paladka league Mrs. Jacintha Sequiera and Sr. Amala (Superior of Paladka Convent) were the guests.

Prayer conducted by Joyce and party welcome song by Anita, Goan dance by Roshni and other, Kolaata by Rita D’Souza and team, clap dance by Treeza and party were part of the programme. Games conducted by Joyce and Clotilda, presents distributed by Sr. Amala and Dorin Sequiera. Songs sung by Roshni, skit played by Gretta, Janet, Severine and others. Proverbs said by Winnyu, Lovina, Winny, Rita and Shobha. 43 new members’ names were read by Lolita D’Souza and were honored offering flowers by Mrs. Jacintha. Identifying 12 women for their excellent service to the society honoured by Vicar and Vice President.

Vote of thanks was given by Janet D’Silva and the programme was also managed by Monthi Cutinha and prephered by Clotilda Miranda and Jyothi Cardoza.

Report by: Agnes D’Souza