Sr. Suma, the honest and faithful teacher of Paladka school who taught most of the parishioners since 32years. She was not a teacher but an affectionate mother for the students.

When she got retirement from the school, the women league of Paladka also held a farewell program for the elderly creative member Sr. Suma. All the members wished her the best and the league president Mrs. Agnes spoke a few words about her and the office bearers offered her a memorable gift on behalf of the association.

Sr. Suma expressed her feelings and gratitude and requested everybody to remember her in their prayers.

The program was held in the centenary mini hall with 40 members ,Vicar ,Vice President, Secretary and the Varado president Mrs. Agnes Saldanha. It was comphered by Mrs. Gretta D’Souza and the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Janet D’Silva.