First Holy Communion for 18 children was given on 4th May 2014 at St. Ignatius Church, Paladka. The Holy Eucharistic celebration was Officiated by Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Ivan Michael Rodrigues and Fr. Anil Sequeira was the Co Celebrant.

The following children received first Holy Communion,

1. Kenyute Pinto S/O Valerian and Christine, Nithyadar ward
2. Anush Lobo S/O Francis and Gretta, Nithyadar ward
3. Amisha Lobo D/O Francis and Gretta, Nithyadar ward
4. Prinisha D’Souza D/O Simon and Prema, Nithyadar ward
5. Privisha D’Souza D/O Simon and Prema, Nithyadar ward
6. Maria Coelho D/O Joseph and Precilla, Nithyadar ward
7. Jordan Santhumayor S/O Felix and Gretta, Nithyadar ward
8. Ashel Pinto D/O Augustine and Sudha Sharmila, Nithyadar ward
9. Bridon Pinto S/O Late Basil and Jecintha, Holy Cross ward
10. Bridon D’Souza S/O Gilbert and Sharon, Holy Cross ward
11. Aaron Mathias S/O John and Anitha, Holy Cross ward
12. Vinisha Cardoza D/O Isac and Celine, St. Peter ward
13. Veniciya D’Sa D/O Vinaya and Divya, Rosary ward
14. Jeslin D’Souza D/O Richard and Jecintha, St. Anna ward
15. Ronson Fernandes S/O Ivan and Helen, St. Ignatius ward
16. Lanisha Danthis D/O Lancy and Laveena, Imm. Conception ward
17. Renita Fernandes D/O William and Rita, St. Ignatius ward
18. Siyona D’Souza D/O Simon and Celine, Holy Cross ward

(Photos by: Felix D’Souza)